I am super exited to announce that I am now contributing for a new super cute Magazine called “SAPLINGS” at

You will find me here into the  Saplings spring issue 2014. Get your won, it’s beautifull!!!


Spring spread1-1 copy



Dreamer journal winter 2014


Dreamer journal winter 2014 is out!!! and I have the cover!! thank’s to Shannon Sewell (the big heart behind Dreamer) !   Also I did an interview of my super talented photojournalist friend Nicolas krief, He works for “Le Mond”and “The Musee of the Louvre” and many more places in France. check him out:)  You can get a copy in print now and it’s so beautiful.. get yours , it’s great coffee table magazine to show off and we LOVE the support:) I got one it’s soooo beautifully.

Contributors: Dreamer Journal | Winter 2014 for Contributorsstoryboard001

Li’ll miss SoHo


I went to New York with a dear friend of Mine Laurel Hogge that is also a photographer. She styled this session for Dreamer journal winter issue. We dressed our Models with Fleur + Dot clothing line and that we like very much. Thank you to the  talented stylist that offered the closing. IT was an interesting experience Capturing images into the Heart of  NY SoHo . We where followed buy the model family’s all recording our session with I- phones, cameras and I-pads along with all the buy-passers in the streets stoping to ask questions and recording our session as well. It resulted of a lot of peoples watching and surounding us wile we tried our best to keep the little girls focused on our Cameras so that we could create the look and the images that we where looking for. I Have to admit , concidering the chaos it turned out not so Bad, you can see the all spread in this winter!!


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