MAJ&CO summer 2015


I am now the owner and designer of MAJ&CO, It is taking most of my time and I am enjoying it very much. However I am still shooting for children’s Magazines, Models portfolio and a few odds here end there. I am Behind all of the images for MAJ&CO, So you will find a lot of that work here. It keeps me doing what I love and I get to be my won boss witch is undeniably satisfying!
Here is our summer look, you can purchase the jewelry on ETSY typing MAJANDCO. You will also fin us on Pinterest, Instagram, FB, and our website  MAJANDCO.COM


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Maj&Co spring 2014


I created those images this past winter but I think they work better for early spring, working with Nathalia is very fun!!!
You Can find this collection at my studio, contact Heather, to join us at an event or host a party,


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Maj&Co fall/Winter 2014.


I hope you will enjoy our Fall/Winter sessions with Natalia. If is so fun for me to get to Photograph my won brand. You can find Maj&CO jewelry wen you come to our events, Just send us a e mail, and we can send you an invite or you can request to throw a Party. you can also follow us on FB or on Instagram at majandco:)


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